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The Liverpool Jewish Board of Guardians for the Relief of the Jewish Poor of Liverpool was established

in 1875.   Liverpool’s cargo and liner trade with America made the city a natural staging point for

the persecuted Jews of Europe on their way to the New World.

The Board of Guardians was the organisation which fed and helped this flood of stricken human beings.  

Apart from the problems of transients there was the considerable problem of poverty in the resident

population which had to be dealt with by private Charity.  At this time the Welfare State did

not exist and none of its resources or facilities was available.

The work of the Board of Guardians continued steadily until the First World War, through

the unemployment of the 20’s and 30’s, the rise of Nazi Germany and the aftermath

of the Second World War. 

In the 1970’s the organisation changed its working name to Merseyside Jewish Welfare Council. 

Merseyside Jewish Welfare Council continued and co-ordinated the work of the Board of Guardians

and adapted to meet the needs and circumstances of the Liverpool Jewish Community.  


The original objective to provide relief for the Jewish poor in Merseyside has remained the same

as when our Charity was first formed in 1875.

 In the year 2000 the Charity modernised its working name and became Merseyside Jewish

Community Care.   In the following years the range of welfare provision expanded and a

review from the Charity Commission in 2004 recommended we become a Registered

Company as well as a Charity.

The Trustees took this opportunity to review and evaluate the role of the Charity and

decided to modernise the Constitution to meet current and expected future welfare

needs of the Liverpool Jewish Community.

Merseyside Jewish Community Care incorporated as a Company on 6 February 2007. 

The modernised Constitution had widened our Charity’s objectives enabling us to provide

the established welfare work of the Board of Guardians plus new services.   We could now offer more services to more people.

In 2008 we held an historic Annual General Meeting for Merseyside Jewish Community Care

it was the final Annual General Meeting for the old Charity and was also the first Annual

General Meeting for Merseyside Jewish Community Care under our new Constitution.

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