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To notify a bereavement please contact the Synagogue of the bereaved (if they were a member or if there are family links with a particular Synagogue).  Jewish funerals in Liverpool can be arranged by:

Allerton Synagogue

Childwall Synagogue

LOHC (Princes Road)

Greenbank Synagogue (NB:  Long Lane cemetery is still open for burial)

Reform Synagogue

Federated Burial Society (Closed Down)


Otherwise please contact Shifrin House.  MJCC can arrange funerals for casework clients, those who have no Synagogue affiliation and for people who have no friends or family. 


Please note it is the responsibility of the next of kin to give instruction for a funeral and to pay for burial.  A copy of “Jewish Funerals in Liverpool – Frequently Asked Questions” can be obtained from Shifrin House.




MJCC offers a compassionate, empathic listening service to those who are recently bereaved. 


We will also offer advice and direction if further professional help needs to be sought.

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