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MJCC needs volunteers!  Can you help us?


People give their time to help others in the community.  Some volunteers help out occasionally whilst others assist on a regular basis.  MJCC has a bank of over 250 volunteers but we always need more.  All help is welcome!


Each week MJCC needs the assistance of 70 volunteers in order to be able to provide a range of wellbeing and welfare services in our community.  They are invaluable to the day to day running of this charitable organisation. 


Many volunteering opportunities are available at MJCC.  You can make a difference - there is something for everyone whatever your skills or interests e.g. cooking, fundraising, driving, administration, shopping or befriending.


All new volunteers are asked to contact Shifrin House who will send out a short application form and ask you to make an appointment to meet with a member of the team. 


It is easy to start volunteering, please just give us a call on 0151 733 2292.

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